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Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. (ASG) has been building sustainable capabilities in our clients for over 16 years in the Emergency Management and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) sectors. Our customized approach to designing and delivering tailored training and exercises has ensured our clients are in control and receive training applicable to their objectives and outcomes.

Virtual training does not equal poor quality. At ASG, we put the same attention to detail and commitment to exceptional performance into our live, in-person training and online training solutions. We see virtual training as a force multiplier; the same quality of training but with increased flexibility of delivery, farther reach globally and more cost effective for our clients.

Current Offerings

Pre-Incident Planning - Awareness Level Course

ASG has designed a 2.5-hour online course to introduce the NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-Incident Planning and provide practical ways to implement it in your workplace. Pre-Incident Plans are vital to overall community preparedness for hazardous materials incidents and bridge the preparedness gap between the private sector businesses and public sector first responders.


3-day Advanced Pre-incident Planning Workshop

ASG has developed a 3-day Advanced Workshop to help organizations build a deeper understanding of the NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-incident Planning, how it applies to their organization, and how to develop & implement it.

We walk organizations through our 3-day program, helping them with each step in the process to ensure their health and safety professionals understand how to implement Pre-incident Plans for all their high-risk facilities.


Corporate COVID-19 Preparedness Solutions

As COVID-19 continues to spread, state leaders have realized the vital role businesses play in slowing the spread of the virus. Many states have begun requiring all businesses to provide staff with general workplace safety training for COVID-19. Several states have also passed COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards requiring exposure risk assessments and Pandemic Response plans to be written and implemented.

Click the link below to see ASG's innovative solutions to help build COVID-19 preparedness capabilities in your business.


Virtual Office Ergonomics Training

Studies into work-related health risks show that poor ergonomics in your office workspace can lead to serious long-term health issues. ASG's online office ergonomics training helps businesses reduce these work related health risks through a flexible, online learning format with the option for virtual workspace assessments and consultation from one of our Industrial Hygienists.

Click the link below to learn more about our virtual ergonomics solutions for your organization.


Course: Managing Work-Related Stress

Stress affects all aspects of our lives. Work-related stress is no different. When we face stressful situations at work, they not only affect our job performance but also impact our families, friends and overall capacity to positively contribute to our spheres of influence.

ASG's "Managing Work-Related Stress" course aims to give employees the tools to reduce, manage and overcome work-related stress with proven and helpful best practices


Creating Economic Resilience: A Whole Community Approach

We invite you to participate in a free, FEMA-sponsored, live-webinar to learn how to create economic resilience in partnership with local businesses and your community. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of a whole community approach to resilience, and the need to understand how disaster-related risks and vulnerabilities can impact our supply chains, employment, and local economy.

Click the link below to learn more about our Whole Community Approach.


Flexible Format

As the world adjusts to the "new normal" during the COVID-19 Pandemic, ASG has worked to provide some of our training courses in a Web-based Training (WBT) platform, allowing more businesses the flexibility to train staff no matter the location in which they turn on their laptop.

Understanding that the needs of each business are unique, we can offer our courses as either live, in-person (COVID-19 restrictions permitting), live webinar or recorded online training. Course content and material will be the same, however the live sessions (both in-person and webinar format) allow for more interaction with the instructor.

Below are the main areas for which we currently provide online training solutions.

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