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Course Description

The HICS Operations Course will provide an in-depth look into operational aspects of HICS during disaster response efforts. Emergency responders must be fully aware of the various roles within the HICS, how HICS enables the management of incidents that expand in complexity, and how HICS practically works within the scope of each hospital's Emergency Operations Plan.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities in the HICS
  • Identify resources for medical response operations
  • Discuss how to employ HICS to manage disasters
  • Demonstrate the use of HICS tools and resources
  • Assess how HICS evolves as incidents expand in complexity and into recovery

Course Details

Course Length: 2-hours
Format: In-class, knowledge-based
Class Size: up to 30 Participants
Prerequisites: HICS Awareness Course
Instructors: Two certified ASG Subject Matter Experts
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of the course