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Course Description

Emergency Planners and Managers must have the necessary tools to thoroughly plan for all hazards based on risk. Hospitals face unique challenges for disaster preparedness because they not only need to be able to handle disasters from within the hospital but also be able to support disaster response by receiving contaminated and exposed casualties. Hazard Vulnerability Assessments enable Emergency Planners to identify the hazards and risks that could potentially lead to a variety of complex mass casualty incidents and disruptions to hospital operations. This course will enable Disaster Links and Emergency Planners to conduct an HVA and apply the results in the hospital's Emergency Operations Plan and preparedness program.

Course Objectives

  • identify potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks based on case studies
  • Describe how HVAs support the process of effective disaster planning
  • Apply best practices that can convert data to useful information, decision support tools
  • Organize valid data and information sources for inclusion in the HVA
  • Develop a HVA and apply the results to enhance the preparedness program

Course Details

Course Length: 3-hours
Format: In-class, knowledge-based and practical training
Class Size: Up to 30 Participants
Prerequisites: HICS Awareness and HICS Operations Course
Instructors: Two certified ASG Subject Matter Experts
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of the course