3-day Workshop to Implement the NFPA 1620 Standard

ASG has developed an in person, 3-day Advanced Workshop to walk organizations through the process of developing and implementing the NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-incident Planning in their organization.

3-day Advanced Workshop Details:

Delivery Method: In person, live instructor-led workshop*

Delivery Location: On-site at organization's facilities

Prerequisite: ASG's 2.5-hr "Pre-incident Planning Awareness Level Course"**

Certification: Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion with 24 PDHs (Professional Development Hours)

3-day Workshop Schedule:
Day 1: Training

Build a deeper understanding of the NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-incident Planning and how it applies to your organization.

Day 2: Assessments

Head to the field to learn how to assess facilities and gather the information needed for the pre-incident plan.

Day 3: Planning

Walk through the process of developing the Pre-incident Plan and implementing it within your organization.

*Virtual Option: The 3-day Advanced Workshop can be conducted virtually if meeting in person is not viable.

**Bonus Material: Purchasing the 3-day Advanced Workshop will provide unlimited access to our 2.5-hr "Pre-incident Planning: Awareness Level Course" for all of your employees to fulfill the prerequisite.

Purchase the 3-day Program

Below are options for U.S.-based and International-based customers. Select the one that applies to you. We will be in touch with you within 3-5 business days after purchase to coordinate our visit to your organization to deliver the 3-day Pre-incident Planning Advanced Workshop.

Filling the Preparedness Gap

The NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-incident Planning is designed to bridge the preparedness gap between the public sector and private sector's emergency planning efforts. As we have worked with local & state emergency planners and private sector companies, we have often seen a lack of emergency planning and coordination between the two sides. This can lead to serious challenges when disasters strike, impacting the community's ability to respond and recover. At ASG, we are designing solutions to help organizations fill this preparedness gap.