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Course Description

The objective of this course is to build students' confidence in using the Hazmat detection equipment in practical situations and interpreting the results so that proper actions can be implemented to minimize the impact of the hazard. The course emphasizes hands-on use of equipment in short scenarios and advancing students' knowledge of Hazmat risk assessment methods, risk management, Personal Protective Equipment selection, sample collection, as well as decontamination for personnel and equipment. The course also introduces incident management systems and strategies for selecting proper detection equipment and employing it systematically in a sound manner.

Course Objectives

  • Recall the various Hazmat/CBRN agents and their signs and symptoms
  • Determine proper equipment to select for various Hazmat incidents
  • Demonstrate proper use of Hazmat detection equipment
  • Illustrate proper use of PPE
  • Apply correct process for interpreting data and results from detection equipment
  • Utilize effective risk communication methods
  • Describe how to apply incident management systems to Hazmat/CBRN incidents
  • Demonstrate proper use of decontamination systems and process

Course Details

Course Length: 10-days
Format: Combination of in-class, knowledge-based and field-based, practical training
Class Size: 25-35 Participants (depending on class space, PPE, and decontamination stations)
Prerequisites: CBRN/Hazmat Qualification Course
Instructors: Three certified Hazmat specialists
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of course