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Course Description

The CBRN Challenge™ is usually a 3- to 5-day program that combines in-class learning, hands-on activities, coaching and scenario-based training to enhance emergency responders’ capabilities for CBRN incident management and response to emerging CBRN threats. The culmination of the CBRN Challenge™ takes place during a fun, high intensity team-based competition where CBRN teams face off in different scenario-based exercises. The teams are scored based on how well or quickly they perform the stated objectives of the exercise. The CBRN Challenge™ is designed not only to validate proficiency but to teach innovative tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and to synchronize incident objectives.

Course Topics

  • Incident Management
  • Scene Size Up
  • CBRN Response Strategies
  • CBRN Response Equipment
  • Detection
  • Sample Collection
  • Risk Analysis & Communication
  • Command & Control
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Crisis Leadership
  • PPE
  • ALOHA Plume Modeling
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Hot-zone Operations
  • Decision-making

Course Objectives

  • Define hazardous materials, classification of materials and methods of recognition
  • Identify the types of hazardous materials, characteristics, and human effects
  • Discuss effective HazMat response strategies
  • Determine proper incident management techniques
  • Demonstrate effective use of full HazMat equipment suite
  • Analyze a hazardous materials/WMD incident from a safe location
  • Demonstrate proper decontamination techniques
  • Identify public protective actions
  • Initiate protective actions
  • Synthesize complex, dynamic information and make sound decisions to protect life, health, property such as public protective actions
  • Integrate incident command with crisis management center for public safety actions

Scenario Examples

Industrial Warehouse Fire

Chemical Plant Explosion

Biological Attack

Nuclear Detonation

Dirty Bomb

Mailroom Response

Clandestine Lab

Rad Dispersal/Exposure Device

Sensitive Site Exploitation

Gas Pipeline Leak

Water System Attack

Toxic Industrial Material Release

Course Details

Course Length: 5-days
Format: Combination of in-class, knowledge-based and field-based, practical training
Class Size: 10-15 Participants
Prerequisites: CBRN/Hazmat Advanced Course; Good physical health
Instructors: Two certified Hazmat specialists
Certificate: Qualifies participants for recertification in NFPA 1072