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Course Description

Hazmat Officers face unique leadership challenges when planning for, responding to and recovering from Hazmat incidents. This specialized course is designed to help build solid leadership and decision making skills for the DCD Hazmat Officers no matter what the Hazmat incident may throw at them. This course teaches best practices for overcoming the physical and mental effects on decision-making during high-stress Hazmat incidents. It instructs on methods for Hazmat and pre-incident planning to ensure effective hazmat response outcomes; it covers situational awareness and decision-making for WMD clandestine laboratory site response; adn finally, this course builds incident commander skills, confidence and capabilities.

Course Objectives

  • Descrbe various methods of making EODs
  • Demonstrate effective methods of responding to EOD incidents
  • Explain various methods used by clandestine laboratories to make WMDs
  • Apply health and safety measures while responding to WMD clandestine lab incidents
  • Analyze the Hazmat sene based on all-hazards response approach
  • Evaluate different response methods and create Hazmat Response action plans
  • Illustrate effective Hazmat sampling methods to ensure proper readings
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Hazmat Incident Commander
  • Explain stress effects on decision-making during Hazmat incidents
  • Determine effective decision-making models for crisis situations

Course Details

Course Length: 10-days
Format: Combination of in-class, knowledge-based and field-based, practical training
Class Size: 15-25 Participants
Prerequisites: CBRN/Hazmat Advanced Course or CbRNE/Hazmat Specialist Course
Instructors: Two certified Hazmat specialists
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of the course