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Course Description

ASG's Hazmat Awareness PLUS course is based off the Jones & Bartlett Hazardous Materials: Awareness and Operations curriculum and tailored to fit the current and urgent Hazmat incident response training requirements. This customized approach allows ASG's Hazmat Awareness PLUS course to go beyond the typical 8-hour Hazmat Awareness course and cover additional items in the Hazmat Operations course that are relevant to the mission. This course is 18-hours and will be delivered in person over three consecutive days by one of ASG's certified Hazmat Specialists.

Course Outcomes

This course will inform participants about the common Hazardous materials being purchased, stored, used and transited through your airport. The instructor will cover the characteristics, signs, symptoms and human effects of the various Hazardous Materials. The course will also cover the methods for selecting the proper PPE based on the tpe of Hazmat incident and the correct donning/doffing procedures for the three levels of Hazmat PPE. Finally, this course will instruct participants on how to maintain and protect their health and safety while wearing PPE and utilizing their detectors at the scene of the Hazmat incident.

Course Objectives

  • Describe threats and risks of hazmat incidents
  • Determine the characteristics, signs, symptoms and human effects of hazardous materials
  • Determine how hazardous materials are identified and labelled
  • Explain purposes of PPE in hazardous material incident response
  • Describe health and safety measures for hazardous materials response
  • Determine role of emergency response plans and standard operating procedures in hazmat incident response
  • Explain process for informing proper authorities and requesting additional response resources

Course Details

Course Length: 18-hours (3-days)
Class Size: Dependant on classroom size
Prerequisites: Good physical health
Instructors: One certified Hazmat specialist
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of course