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Course Description

Leadership in the midst of a crisis can be challenging and stressful. To navigate the crisis successfully, the crisis leader must understand the operational environment, decision making models, methods for overcoming stress, best practices for making sound decisions and how to make sense out of large volumes of data. The wrong decision can lead to disaster; whereas the right decision making can lead to recovery. The Crisis Leadership and Decision Making Course is designed to equip crisis leaders with skills and tools leaders needed to recover quickly and preserve life, safety, health and property. These tools include situational awareness, decision models, and best practices for countering the effects of stress.

Course Objectives

  • Explain roles and responsibilities of a crisis leader
  • Apply critical thinking skills and decision models
  • Summarize the psychology of a crisis
  • Identify how to combat stress
  • Perform scene size-up
  • Discuss lessons learned and best practices of crisis leadership

Course Details

Course Length: 8-hours
Format: In-class, knowledge-based and practical training
Class Size: Up to 30 Participants
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Two certified ASG Subject Matter Experts
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of the course