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Course Description

ASG offers an extended 2-week Hazmat Qualification Course that goes more in-depth with practical elements of Hazmat incidents comared with the traditional 8-hour Hazmat Awareness course. This course will provide first responders with the knowledge and skills required to understand Hazardous/CBRNE substances and the risks associated with them in an incident (including 4th Generation Chemical Agents); to recognize the presence of hazardous substances in an emergency; to understand the role of the emergency responder at the Awareness level, including site security and control; and to familiarize students with the specific detection and analysis equipment in their inventory. It will also provide basic knowledge on the types of UN classifications of hazardous materials, human effects, methods of identificatoins and detection, and public protection measures.

Taught to the NFPA 472 Standard - Hazmat Awareness Level

Course Objectives

  • Define hazardous materials, classification of materials and methods of recognition
  • Identify they types of hazardous materials, characteristics, and human effects
  • Analyze the incident
  • Detect the presence of hazardous materials/WMD
  • Survey a hazardous materials/WMD incident from a safe location
  • Collect hazard information from the Emergency Response Guidebook
  • implement actons consistent with the authority having jurisdiction
  • Identify public protective actions
  • Initiate protective actions
  • Utilize resources such as the Emergency Response Guide, pre-incident plans and supplemental information to support protective actions
  • Make decisions based on hazardous material information in order to protect the public and responders
  • initiate the notification process

Course Details

Course Length: 10-days

Format: in-class, knowledge-based training
Class Size: Dependent on classroom size
Prerequisites: Good physical health
Instructors: Two certified Hazmat specialists
Certificate: Issued upon successful completion of the course