Corporate Solutions starting at $999.00

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ASG looks forward to working with your organization to determine the ideal ergonomics package and pricing plan. In order to best serve your organization, please contact [email protected] or call 01.757.303.6669 to discuss.

This package is designed to reduce ergonomic risk and implement improvements throughout an organization. The end goal is to improve productivity and reduce risk of worker illness or injury. 

The package consists of an informational lecture, evaluation of individual work areas, tailored solutions for your organization, and live consultation with a senior-level ergonomics professional.

The corporate package also includes an organization-wide trend analysis of the most common ergonomic risk factors in the facility stratified by risk of injury or illness. Corresponding solutions are prioritized by impact so organizations have clear priorities for reducing systematic risk factors. This package is ideal for organizations committed to making health and safety improvements throughout their organization.

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